Terms of payment:

  1. To book a trek you pay the cost of the reservation. It depends on the duration of the trekking and the size of the group and averages $150-200. You don't pay the full cost before your arrival to Kathmandu!
  2. From the moment of payment, the cost of trekking is fixed and can be changed only if you want to make any changes, enable or exclude additional services.
  3. The rest of the price is paid upon arrival in Kathmandu. Payment is made in dollars, euros or other major world currencies, in cash or by credit card / bank transfer. If paying by credit card / transfer, it is necessary to cover the bank commission of 4.5% of the payment amount.
  4. If you change your plans and cancel the tour, the advance payment is returned if there is at least three months before trekking. Otherwise, it covers our cancellation expenses.
  5. You can change the dates of your trekking, and even its direction at any time but not less than 2 weeks before the originally paid and not less than a month if there were local flights.
  6. Warranties: in case of cancellation of the tour due to vnepal.com fault, the prepayment is refunded in full.
    vnepal.com is not responsible for canceling a tour due to a client’s refusal to issue visas, changing client’s personal plans, force majeure circumstances of a client, etc. other circumstances beyond vnepal.com’s control.
  7. All our work is aimed at making you to love Nepal the way we love it, and our joint work on planning and implementing trekking was as easy, friendly and stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

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